Maturation of meat  

The maturation of meat is an indispensable method to obtain an optimal quality.

Today, everybody knows that cheese has to undergo a maturing process and that wines get better with time. For the same reason, meat needs maturing.

This traditional maturing process is generally called “dry aged”. It is essential to obtain a tender, juicy and delicious meat.

Today, this method is fully realised among some meat lovers who stand as the pioneers of the revival of our job.
With this traditional maturing process called “dry aged” you can express the finest flavours.

The maturation is the result of a slow enzymatic process at the heart of the meat. These traditional processes enable the concentration and the development of the meat’s raw aromas and tenderise its fibrous structures to develop some essential flavours which characterize each breed and each animal.

Various flavour will be enhanced (aromas of butter, hazelnut, cherry, caramel) because the maturation process develops the flavours of local products which are so important to our taste buds.

The food given to the animal plays an important very role in the transfer of these aromas to the muscle.

Our traditional maturation cellars allow to obtain mature meat called "dry aged".