The purebred japanese beef 100 % Wagyu    

You certainly have already heard about the Beef Wagyu or the Beef of Kobe, the "Rolls Royce" of red meats.

What are its distinctive features?
Its meat is sprinkled with parsley, marbled with fatty parts, and reveals – during cooking time- delicate flavours of butter or foie gras. Does it make your mouth water? Good for you…

At Formia, we like to offer meats of exception to our customers… That is why we have especially imported from Japan some pieces of real Japanese Beef. Only the Wagyu (literally Japanese beef) raised in Kobe can be awarded with this protected designation as it receives daily massages (sometimes even with some Saké as it would have the effect of making penetrate the good fatty parts into the muscular fibers). It is also raised in a stressless environment with no temperature differences.