Beef stands as the star of our tables. The meat sides offered by the Formia Butcher's shop Formia are selected among the greatest races. The standing animals are directly chosen among the renowned French markets such as Varennes-sur-Allier or Agen. Formia guarantees you the best quality and traceability of its cattle. 
From the Charolais to the blonde of Aquitaine, the Formia Butcher's shop offers you the noblest pieces of meat.
 To guarantee you a flavour, a fondness of grain and a sufficient tenderness, our meats are matured for several weeks.
Our butchers will know how to value these exceptional sides of meat such as romsteck, fillet or beef ribs.

For the amateurs of new flavours, Formia will also make you discover meats from other countries such as the beef from Kobé (" Wagyu "). This beef from Shoguns receives daily massages and food with a supplementary amount of beer. It is raised without the slightest stress and its environment remains at the same temperature. Its marbled meat sprinkled with parsley and its exceptional tenderness make it one of the most sophisticated varieties eaten in the finest restaurants worldwide. During cooking time, its tender fatty parts reveal delicate flavours of butter or foie gras.
Salers, Aubrac, Siementhal or still Angus, at Formia, we provide the love of flavour combined with diversity!