Since 1884

A traditional artisan butcher’s shop in Monaco since 1884

The Giaume family has been artisan butcher for several generations. They founded the Boucherie Parisienne in 1884. Fifty years later, the family Formia took over and perpetuated the know-how of the establishment. In 2005, Julien Davin - galvanized by his various experiences in the agri-food industry – took control of this institution. Dedicated to gastronomy, the Formia teams ply their trade with a unique sense of expertise.

To guarantee excellent sides of meat and an exemplary traceability, Formia chooses its standing animals among a network of high-quality breeders. In its shop windows, gustative treasures are carefully displayed to you.

 Regularly, Formia selects the 1st prize of a cattle among the most prestigious French markets. Dedicated to provide their customers with a personalized service, our qualified butchers answer each of your demands.  Formia is renowned for the exceptional quality of its meats and cuttings and provides the most prestigious restaurants of the French Riviera today. Officially appointed by His Serene Highness the Prince of Monaco, the Formia Butcher's shop stands as a reference in the Principality of Monaco.

Our shops were completely reorganized to combine modernity, tradition and respect of the European standards of hygiene. Make no mistake…you are entering a traditional institution.

130th anniversary of the FORMIA Boucherie Parisienne

Located at 4 boulevard of France in Monaco

 For 130 years, the address of the Boucherie Parisienne has never changed. It was formerly called Maison Giaume and was created in 1884 by artisan butchers who passed it on to their descendants.

From 1934 and until 1998, it was operated by three generations of Formia’s family members and it gained respectability.

If the walls of the establishment could express themselves, they would have many confidences to tell us as they have been the privileged witnesses of this place which is fulfilled with history.

Officially appointed by His Serene Highness the Prince of Monaco and the most prestigious restaurants of the Principality, the Formia Boucherie Parisienne gains this outstanding reputation thanks to the exemplary quality of all its products.
 Julien Davin - who has been managing this historical establishment since 2005 – had to make an audacious decision when he took over the shop. Willing to perpetuate the actions implemented by his predecessors, Julien decided to keep the name of Formia as it was well known among the Monegasques.

The premises were modernized to keep up with the new European standards regarding sanitary safety. In 2013, in the full limelight of success, Julien Davin acquired the Boucherie des Arcades which became the Formia Boucherie Parisienne located at the the Condamine food market.

We wish him the same success as his predecessors and it seems more than likely to happen as all the most meaningful key words allocated to this institution are respected: tradition, authenticity, know-how and excellence.

Legal notices

Your personal registered information databases are operated by the Monegasque Private Company (SAM) Formia Boucherie Parisienne regarding the treatments of information dealing with "Management of the professional electronic mail, Management of customer databases, Management of files suppliers." According to the modified law N 1.165, you have the right to access, modify or suppress your data by writing to the Parisian Formia Boucherie Parisienne, located at 4, the boulevard of France, 98000 Monaco.